Craftsmanship quality

Our story has been going on for decades. Our mission: to keep up the traditional Italian cabinetmaking.

Back in the 1950s, inspired by the centuries-old furniture production traditions of Veneto, Alessandro and Guido Zuliani founded their family business.
At the beginning of the 1960s, the youngest of the brothers, Mario Zuliani joined them.

History of an artisan workshop

From the very begging to the present day, the factory has been famous for the careful choice of high quality hardwoods used for the creation of furniture in different styles.
In 1968 the growing demand for the furniture by Zuliani Mobili made the family business open a new bigger workshop. Working at the new location Zuliani Mobili continued to pay a lot of attention to detail and personal control at every stage of production, following traditions of the craftsmanship but without losing sight of the new trends that are evolving over the years.

The company today: the tradition continues

Today the Zuliani Mobili company is managed by Marco Zuliani, Mario's son. The factory maintains the family traditions and works a lot with clients from Italy and at the same time keeps a keen eye on international markets. Marco leads a team of skilled craftsmen manufacturing every product to perfection. Expertly crafted, heirloom quality solid wood furniture is built to last a lifetime. 
Every piece of furniture is made only with the finest natural materials such as walnut, oak, beech, cherry, ash, maple and linden. Bedrooms, living and dining rooms, kitchens, home offices and other furniture by Zuliani Mobili bring warmth to homes of their owners and creates unique atmosphere of comfort and harmony.

Attention to detail tailored to the individual requirements

Zuliani Mobili creates bespoke furniture with no limits to the sizes, colors and styles available and the end product can be that only one person will own, a completely unique piece made to suite the client’s tastes and needs.
The factory specializes in producing furniture for individual projects and designs.

Distinctive finishing

Ordering with Zuliani Mobili a client can choose from a variety of many different finish options, handmade carvings, paintings, gilding with gold leaf of raging from 6 to 24 carats or silver leaf, upholstery. 

Precious materials

Another distinctive feature of the company is the creation of furniture with various types of precious briar. In this production Zuliani Mobili uses such solid woods as walnut, olive, ash and rosewood with great attention to both the ancient production traditions and the quality of the wood used: the briar is sawn directly in our laboratory by choosing the best essences and particular attention is given to its seasoning. With a time of not less than 18 months, the final thickness of the briar will thus be 3 - 4 mm.