Handcrafted art furniture

For over 50 years we have been passionately creating art bespoke  furniture in classic, 700 Venetian and Dutch styles for apartments and houses. Find out more about our collections. 

Reasons to choose us

Experience and tradition

Creating furniture for your home, we use our extensive experience gained over the years. Our deep knowledge of the furniture production allows us to produce finest furniture for all needs of our customers.

Highly-personalized service

As true artisans, we are able to tailor spesific solutions to all your requirements. Our work is a marriage of traditional techniques and modern technology. 

Timber choice

To achieve our end goal of creating a unique piece of furniture we work only with carefully selected timbers. Our personal control guarantees the quality.

Hand finishing

Each piece of furniture passes through various finishing procedures performed by hand. Attention to detail helps create a top-quality finish that lasts many years. 


We maintain and value the traditions of Italian cabinetry. We preserve the uniqueness of the artisan touch in different styles.

Gold leaf finishing

Handmade finishing of 24 k and 12 k gold leaf from our highly skilled craftsmen is one of our strong features. It emphasizes the exclusivity of our furniture.