Classic style

Classic style:

Dining room model Diamante

This classic style model will make your dining area furnished with taste, comfort and quality.

Bedroom model Filetto

Creating this sober and elegant classic bedroom in solid wood of Italian walnut wanted to make it comfortable and personalized.

Bedroom model Arte Povera

This bespoke Arte Povera bedroom is made from solid walnut so as to last over time like those bedrooms of the past.

Wardrobe model Diamante

This composition is full of comfort and calm in particular due to the arrangement of the elements in the lower part

Study model 600 Bologna

The comfortable atmosphere of these classic interiors inspires fruitful work and productive ideas.

Bookcase model Greca

This high handmade bookcase is constructed from national walnut in the best traditions of high-quality classical furniture.

Bookcase model 600 Toscano

This large bookcase in solid ash wood is a true protagonist of a classic living room.