Dutch style

Dutch style:

Dining room set model Raggio di sole

This classic furnishing made of solid maple wood features hand-made carvings, patterns in gold and silver foil.

Dining room set model Floreale

The refined lines of this furnishing create a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Dining room model Amsterdam

The cozy atmosphere of Amsterdam dining room, harmonious lines of each piece of furniture evoke a feeling of hospitality.

Study set model Rotterdam

Thanks to its craftsmanship quality and the exclusive beauty of its finish this study in solid maple makes working productive and comfortable.

Study set model Assen

This light solid maple wood study becomes a true friend for those who looks for comfortable airy feel.

Living room model Zeffiro

Our stylish classical living room in solid maple makes your leisure time relaxed and comfortable.

Sitting room set model Gondola

Timeless design of this sitting set features perfectly the living room Zeffiro.